Travel + Leisure: Why Wine Lovers Should Visit Walla Walla

It’s been an eventful week for Eritage in Walla Walla, WA. Travel + Leisure magazine published an in-depth piece on “Why Wine Lovers Should Visit This Tiny Town in Rural Washington” and Eritage made the cut.

The luxury resort and vineyard has made significant strides in developing Walla Walla’s reputation as an up-and-coming agricultural and tourist destination. With rolling hills, luxurious suites, and dedication to natural, local produce, Eritage brings high-end living to even greater heights. The resort has also been a boon for Downtown Walla Walla as visitors explore tasting rooms, artisan goods, and all the down-to-earth spirit the region has to offer.

Cheers are also in order for Eritage’s LIVE Certification, as reported in AP News. LIVE Certification is awarded only to those who meet strict international standards for environmentally and socially responsible winegrowing and typically takes three years to obtain – Eritage completed this in two. Only forty-three wineries in the world have achieved this internationally accredited standard, cementing not only the resort’s excellence in winemaking, but also its dedication to sustainable and socially responsible agricultural practices.