China-US Business Summit Offered Entrepreneurs Unprecedented Opportunities

The 2015 China-US Business Summit closed on April 28th, 2015 in Millennial Baltimore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. This year’s summit attracted 300 investors from various industries worldwide. It also successfully bridged 50 Chinese entrepreneurs with more than 100 projects in the US.

Steven Shen, Chairman of China- US Business Summit spoke at the opening ceremony of the Summit, pointing out that the newly enacted 10-year visa policy has brought about unprecedented opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs:“ This policy will undoubtedly attract more Chinese enterprises to the US for business investment and cooperation in the coming years, as the visa extension allows Chinese business people a steady stint of at least 10 years in terms of business investment.”

The 2015 Summit consists of four forums, namely Film Investment Forum, Investment and Financing Forum, Real Estate Forum and Education Forum, stimulating in-depth discussions on a broad spectrum between Chinese and US entrepreneurs. China-US Business Summit will continue to grow into the most vigorous platform for communication and cooperation between the two countries.